What can be done about my under-eye wrinkles? I feel like I'm aging far in advance of my 25 years. (Photo)

Recently, the fine lines under my eyes and crows feet have become far more noticeable. I've had a couple of large lines under the lower lid since I was a teenager, as my eyes bulge out, but this new network of lines extends quite a way down my cheek and up to my temples. My skin has always been dry and thin, and my mum had a lot of wrinkles early. I've started using sun protection every day. I need a cost effective solution for the time being. Please help? This is causing me a lot of distress.

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Under eye wrinkle treatment

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Thank you for your question and we understand your concerns.  We recommend you find an experienced physician in your local market.  You would probably benefit from a combination approach based on your needs and budget.  After a complete consultation, we normally recommend various options from physician grade products, BOTOX/XEOMIN, filler and possible lasers.  It really depends your needs, concerns and budget.  It may be as simple as BOTOX/XEOMIN injections every 3-6 months and ALWAYS wear a quality sunscreen.

Endymed is an option

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Early fine lines and wrinkling often responds well to the correct skin care and actives (low concentration topical retinoids, hyaluronic acid moisturisers, sunscreen) and low level energy treatments such as the Endymed I-Fine, which will over a series of treatments, provide some nice tightening in the area.  As wrinkling progresses, Botox and heavier devices such as Fraxel or fractionated CO2 lasers may be more appropriate.  See a specialist with an interest in eye rejuvenation.

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