Is there hope for my scarring? Would dermabrasion help, or should I keep taking my time with low percent peels? (Photo)

I had horrible cystic acne on my chest and shoulders. Most of the scars seem to not be deep into my skin while some others nothing will probably help. I have used 30% glycolic peels and recently tried 15% tca peel in a few areas. The peels have seemed to improve my situation but I'm wondering if there is a faster solution? Would dermabrasion be better. Or should I keep taking my time with low percent peels? Thank you for any input.

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Acne scars on the chest and arms

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Acne scars on the chest, back, and arms require a combination approach. Even in the best cases, there are still visible scars that are 30-50% improved. Pulsed dye laser for the red, intralesional cortisone for the raised scars, and fractionated lasers for the texture will give the best chance for improvement. I would not expect peels to yield significant improvement, but in experienced hands, they may achieve some results.

Saint Louis Dermatologic Surgeon

Best acne scar treatments

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Acne scars respond to different treatments. The best acne scar treatment depends on the type of scar. The persistent redness responds dramatically to V-Besm therapy. Fraxel can help minimize acne scars as well and takes multiple treatments scheduled one month apart. Deeper scarring will benefit from injections of Restylane to fill these lesions. For the best cosmetic results you may need more than one modality. Please consult a board certified dermatologist with experience in lasers and acne scars. 

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