Is Auriderm Creme Effective in Erasing Dark Circles?

I was thinking about Carboxytherapy to erase my stubborn dark circles, then I heard about Auriderm creme. I have been using it for two weeks now, but I did not see any improvement. Can I see better results later, if I keep using it?

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Be careful regarding unsubstantiated claims.

Dear Dady

Dark circles are no question a big bummer. Products that increase skin reflectivity will mask the appearance of the dark circle. However, there is no evidence that the dark circle is caused by hemosiderin as claimed by the makers of Auriderm creme. There is no evidence that this over the counter products with vitamin K actually penetrates deeper that the dead outer layers of the eyelid skin. Finally there is no evidence that if the vitamin K did penetrate into the skin that it would have any effect on hemosiderin. Marketing for Auriderm is just another example of the kind of loose language hung on a scaffold of pseudo-scientific words that is often used to confuse consumers to get them to by a product. Having said that, Auriderm creme might improve the appearance of your dark circle by moisturizing the skin and if it has enough pigments into to make the skin look lighter.

Carboxytherapy is another bogus treatment where the injector is injecting carbon dioxide gas under the skin. This is touted to cure everything from stretch marks to dark circles. The before and after pictures used to pitch this treatment are completely bogus. If you study them, the lighting is so not the same between the supposed before and after photos, in some cases the pose is very different. There is no scientific evidence that this treatment has any effectiveness.

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