How Soon After One Procedure Can Another Be Performed?

A plastic surgeon I consulted with told me she'd be more comfortable doing the plastic surgery in stages, say, breast lift/reduction first, then face lift. How soon after the first could I have the other?

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One Procedure after another (staged)

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There are a lot of considerations to planning staged procedures and a thorough discussion of your goals, what bothers you the most, how you rebound from the first procedure, any complications or unexpected results, etc., must be taken into account. Rather than have a fixed date, do the procedure that bothers you the most and take it from there.  There are some cases, for instance SmartLipo, where the procedures can be staged 2 weeks apart, although I have had patients comfortable within one week to do another area.  The more "major" the procedure, the greater the time for recovery you will anticipate.  You do not want to jeopardize the results of one procedure to rush back and do another. Ask you surgeon what the average time has been for his patients going through similar procedures, but remember everyone is different.

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Wait at least 3 weeks

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I usually wait at least 3 weeks and ALWAYS check the blood count (Hb/HCT) one week prior to the next operation. Also I examine the patient to see how they are healing.


Time between cosmetic procedures

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The time between procedures should be greater the older you are because recovery after surgery is slower in the elderly. If you are young and healthy the procedures could be performed as close to a week or 2 apart. Since most facelift patients are 40+ years of age it would likely be better for you to wait at least a month between procedures.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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Staging procedures

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The answer is different for different patients.  However, if you are staging procedures it would be best to wait at least a month between the surgeries.  This will allow your body to recover from the first procedure and anesthesia before the next one.  Good luck.

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