How Long for Acne to Resolve Without Accutane?

In 9th grade, my face was almost spotless. Then in 10th grade, I got very severe acne; so bad that I am now planning on taking Accutane asap. I am in 12th grade now. If I don't take Accutane, how long before the acne will naturally go away? I have also been on many pills over the last two years. I'm on Solodyn right now. My acne has gotten a little better, but it wasn't from any particular drug.

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How long before acne goes away?

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Most adolescent acne resolves by the early twenties, but in 30% of the population acne may persist well into adulthood, and for some will not resolve even into the 40's and 50's. Most dermatologists prefer a multi drug approach to acne, using topically applied retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics and newer agents like dapsone, in combination to achieve the best results for most patients. Oral antibiotics, birth control pills in females and Accutane (now only available as a generic) are then used if the topical preparations are not successful, or if the acne is quite severe. Accutane has the advantage of completely clearing acne permenantly in up to 80% of patients in 20 weeks. There are also now light based laser treatments that offer dramatic and long term resolution as well.

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