Is Treatment Necessary for Acne Scar Appearing Like Broken Capillaries?

I am concerned with an acne scar I have on my cheek, just below my eye. It looks more like broken capillaries than the darker pigmentation I usually get. Will this scar likely go away on its own or is there a treatment I can get to remove it?

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KTP laser for acne scarring blush

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Time usually heals many color issues with acne scarring. However, those red areas that linger can be improved in many individuals using a laser or IPL for that purpose. i tend to love the KTP because it directly targets the red color. i have had success with many acne scarring patients when it comes to red color. however, it may come back. typically not so often or at all like regular broken capillaries. plus you have to be careful near the eye. if it is on the cheek or upper cheek you are fine. if it is right near the eye, i always worry about vision issues.



Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

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