Small Skin Colored Blister Like Marks on Face

I have small skin coloured blister like marks on my face due to sun damage i believe them to be enlarged sweat glands? what is it? how do i treat it?

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Sun damage

Unfortunately you will need to see a board-certified dermatologist to get an accurate diagnosis and plan of treatment. Blisters aren't skin-colored, they are fluid-filled and translucent or clear or bluish. True skin-colored papules (bumps) have a long differential diagnosis (they can represent many different entities). If this was a very recent occurrence and it happened after a long work out that you're not accustomed to especially in a humid climate, or if you had a recent fever, then it might be miliaria, or heat rash. If your rash is just recent, and painful, it could be a viral infection of the skin such as cold sores which can spread over a background of eczema.

You deserve a good examination.

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