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Radiage Vs Thermage and Other Laser Skin Tightening Treatments?

I need facial skin tightening and saw that i have some nonsurgery radiage similar or difft from thermage, titan, and other treatments? READ MORE

What is Radiage?

I heard that Radiage is a new skin tightening treatment being used in Europe that is non-surgical AND is not a laser treatment.  I'm curious...... READ MORE

Radiage for Subtle Lifted Look?

I am considering Radiage for the whole face and neck to acheive a subtle overall lifted look. What are the true results of Radiage? READ MORE

Is Radiage FDA-approved and Safe to Use?

I have consulted with a plastic surgeon who recommends Radiage, but also said that it is not FDA approved in the US. If this is true, how can plastic... READ MORE

Does Radiage Really Work?

My doctor suggest that 2 treatments are best READ MORE

Can Radiage Be Used Directly Under the Eyes?

I had a Radiage treatment few days ago. It has been done by a Dr's assistant. under my eyes and cheek. Could it be used so closed to eyes?... READ MORE

More Information on Radiage Instruments?

What can be known about the instrument used for Radiage treatments, in terms of types, manufacturer, how one can buy one, etc.? READ MORE

Miami Radiage Doctor Recommendations

Where can I find a clinic that offers Radiage? I live near Miami, Florida and I need few adresses with price range? Thank You READ MORE

Who Should Perform Radiage?

I had a Radiage treatment today at a Doctor's practice, but an assistant did the treatment. Was it correct? READ MORE

Should I Have to Pay for Filler Correction if Radiesse Wasn't Placed Where I Wanted It?

I had my first radiesse injection in my chin and now 3 days out it seems the swelling has gone down quite well but now it almost seems as though it... READ MORE

Discharge after rhinoplasty?

It has been 5 months since my rhinoplasty and septoplasty. Yesterday my nostrils were becoming very itchy and after a while a yellow colored discharge... READ MORE

Is my bridge too narrow for my face and tip too pointy and high? (Photo)

I am 19 days post op. My bridge is narrower and tip pointier and higher than I expected. my PS offered a revision at 2 wks post op to widen the... READ MORE

Silicone on tip recovery. Do I have to wait for months to see the results? (Photo)

I had my tip sil. implant on my tip 7 days ago. my nose had a high bridge already but my tip was kinda puffy and not narrowed so the surgeon just put... READ MORE

What would I need done to achieve my desired look? (Photo)

I just know that I have a dorsal hump, a bulbous tip and my bridge it a bit too wide. Also, the tip goes down further than I would like and my nose... READ MORE

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