Acne treatment: I have been using cleocin-t lotion ( clindamycin 1 %) for about 2 weeks.

It helps to decrease my acne. Is there any need to switch to 2% clindamycin lotion or it is ok to use just 1 %? I wonder if 2 % works better. But Im going to use it for a long period of time, so possible side effects have the main importance for me. Is 2% clindamycin has more side effects risks than 1% or they are the same?

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Clindamycin treatment

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Thank you for your question. In my opinion, if you are responding well to the 1% strength, then there is no need to change the dose of your medication. Risks of using clindamycin lotion long term is slowly developing resistance to the medication. I recommend you consult with your prescribing physician regarding your questions and concerns. Take care and good luck.

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