Yellowish Discoloration Around Lips: Are There Any Treatments for This?

Hello, I have a slight yellowish discoloration around my lips for years. It's <1 inch in every direction around the lips (slightly worse above). No clear demarcation. Can't recall when it started.

I cover it with tons of makeup until it wares off. It's a real confidence killer! I'm mid eastern, light/medium skin tone, smoke 3-7 cigs/day(related?), & had lip filler done 1 y.a. but this was present before that.

What could cause this? Are there any procedures/products that treat it? Please help!

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Yellowish discoloration around lips

Solar elastosis, or degradation of elastic fibers in the skin can give a yellowish hue to the involved skin but it usually has a slightly cobblestoned or wrinkled appearance. 

Things that can cause a yellowish tone to the skin without a textural change are if you consume a lot of yellow and orange vegetables or fruit or if there is hypothyroidism.

It would be very helpful to see a photo to make any better suggestions, but what I would like to suggest is that you consult with a board certified dermatologist for a better diagnosis and treatment plan.

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