What to Do for a Permafrown?

What can be done for a permafrown? I've been told everything from cheek pad removal to botox to filler.

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BOTOX and Restylane

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In my view Botox should be used on the DAO (depressor anguli oris) muscles. These would consist of injections at the jaw line just in front of the masseter muscle (clench your teeth strongly; the muscles off to the side are the masseters),

I would also recommend Restylane into the "marrionette lines". I prefer Restylane for this job since it is a little stiffer and gives a better support. It does not appear to me that you would need that much filler, so 1 tube should be enough.

The cost should be relatively low. About $50 for the Botox and $325 for the Restylane.

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