Ways to Reduce Deep Horizontal Forehead Lines Without Botox?

I am a woman age 60. I always feel my forehead very tight and that resulted to get very deep forehead lines that makes my face look angry and depress. Very disturbing for my entourage. Though I suffer from sever migraine since age 13, Botox is not an option for me. What is the best non surgical option to get rid of them? Many thanks indvance.

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Treatment of deep forehead wrinkles

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If they are as deep as you describe, botox would not work. It only improves those lines that disappear or get better when spread apart by finger pressure as this simulates the look after muscle paralysis by botox. Given your age you would likely need a coronal brow plasty or lift with partial resection of the frontalis muscle. Your only other option would be injection of fillers into the creases but it is not a better option.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Non-surgical management of forehead lines

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To the best of my knowledge there are few if any satisfactory non-surgical options for forehead lines other than cosmetic camouflage. Perhaps the use of biofeedback would allow you to train yourself to not use these muscles but my guess is that a very low yield endeavor.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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