USF Reduced-fee Cosmetic Surgery, Is This a Good Idea?

This seems like a great idea for patients that want/need something done but can't afford it. Opinions on this?

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USF Reduced fee cosmetic surgery

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Reduced fee cosmetic surgery clinics run by accredited plastic surgery residency training programs offer significant savings for cosmetic procedures that are performed by residents-in-training under some supervision from full time university faculty.  When I was at the University of Chicago and at Massachussetts General/Harvard we had mature cosmetic surgery clinics staffed by only the most senior Fellows under the supervision of some world-class cosmetic surgeons. The questions to be answered are:

How much supervision is there?

Who is doing the supervising?

How much "discount" is worth choosing a trainee over a seasoned surgeon?

What is the quality of the trainee?

What is your recourse if there are complications or poor outcomes? (University surgeons are protected by state statute against lawsuits).

Remember: surgery is not like painting your car or remodelling your kitchen: your body heals with scar tissue and therefor there are no real "do-overs" after surgery.  Choose your surgeon carefully.

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