Help! What are these bumps? Is this acne? (Photo)

Im 18 and used to have clear skin until I started threading my face. I have stopped for over 5 months and my skin slowly started to become better. Then yesterday I woke up with these bumps on my face and I feel like they're getting worse:( Is this acne? I also don't use a moisturiser unless I'm wearing makeup because I find they either give me a rash or cause closed comedones, so could these be dehydration spots? I haven't changed anything I apply on my face recently so what caused these???

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Help! What are these bumps? Is this acne?

Thank you for your question. It does look like you may have a slight case. Acne can be caused by many different factors. Consult with a Board Cerdified Plastic Surgeons office for a good treatment plan.

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