Treatments of Wrinkles for a 60-yr-old Woman?

A 60-yr-old woman wanna remove her glabella lines on her front head, wrinkles on her mouth sides and ends of her eyes. Which treatments should she get?? Botox? Dermal filler? Rhytidectomy?

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Wrinkle Treatment

Actually all of the above plus possibly a resurfacing procedure would probably be helpful depending on the anatomical area of the face where your wrinkles are located. See a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss best options and timing for these procedures

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Wrinkle Treatments - Options

There are many different ways to improve wrinkles including neurotoxins, injectable filler, laser, chemical peeling, and surgery.  The choice of which treatment or treatments depends on the skin type, type and severity of the wrinkles, location of the wrinkles, and the patient's ability to have or not have much down time. Typically glabella frown lines and smile lines around the eyes (crows feet) are best improved/removed with neurotoxins such as Botox. Wrinkles that are seen at rest (static) are typically best treated with fillers, laser, and chemical peeling.  I recommend you consult with a board-certified dermatologist or facial plastic surgeon and discuss what is bothering you the most and then learn how those issues can be best treated from that doctor. 

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Treatments for wrinkles for a 60 year old woman

So, the three areas that you mention are the glabella (frown) lines, lines around the sides of the mouth, and lines on the sides of the eyes.  For the glabellar lines, Botox is an easy option and normally works well.  Botox can also work well for the lines on the sides of the eyes.  For lines on the sides of the mouth, a filler can sometimes help.  It would be helpful to see pictures to give you more precise advice.  A rhytidectomy normally would help if there is loose skin around the neck and/or jowls on the lower face.  It possibly could help with lines on the sides of the mouth.  Another option would be laser resurfacing, which can help with lines (but not furrows).  

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