What is the Best Way to Treat Old Stretch Marks?

I have old stretch marks, and I've had them for a long time. I am a Caucasian female with light skin. What would be the best stretch mark treatment for these?

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Stretch mark treatment on the body with lasers

In my plastic surgery practice, I use three different lasers for effective stretch mark improvement on the body.  Our studies have shown clinical efficacy in these non surgical treatments.

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Realistic Expectations for Stretch Marks

"Old" or mature stretch marks usually present as hypopigmented lesions. This means that the stretch marks are lighter than the person's natural skin tone/color. Unfortunately, putting pigmentation (color) back once it is lost is far more challenging than removing the color that is usually associated with stretch marks such as red or dark brown. Presently, there is only one recognized technology that may be able to restore pigmentation - the excimer laser.

Unfortunately, it is usually a tedious process with numerous visits and is not long lasting. If your concern pertains more to textural improvement, then you may want to consider class IV medical lasers. Lasers have the ability to stimulate collagen to improve the appearance of stretch marks. However, not everyone is a good candidate and much depends on the amount and size of the stretch marks, realistic expectations, and goals. Skin color should not be an issue if you choose a practitioner that has the appropriate technology.

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