Best Treatment for Acne Scarring While Still Dealing with Mild Acne? (photo)

Been battling acne for 5 1/2 years, became what doctors consider "persistent hormonal adult acne." Now, at the age of 25 (female),acne is somewhat subsiding. The acne I have left is on the lower half of my face (jawline, neck). I have terrible pitted scars on my cheekbones,hyper pigmentation, blotchy skin, blackheads etc and need to fix it. Tried fraxel once last year. Can I get a treatment while still having mild acne? Should i consider botox or a mini-face lift at my age to help improve marks?

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Treating acne scars while still having active acne flares

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Generally before addressing acne scars I attempt to get the acne under control.  The reason is that if someone has acne severe enough to scar, if their acne is still active they will just develop new scars as I treat the old ones.  If you have not been treated with Accutane (isotretinoin) I would suggest that you consider this before you explore any laser treatments or chemical peels, etc.  Isotretinoin is the gold standard treatment from scarring acne and it is the only medication that potentially cures it.  I thoses it does not cure, usually their acne is much less severe.  I suggest you seek the care of a board-certified dermatologist.  Good luck!

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Best Treatment for Acne Scarring While Still Dealing with Mild Acne?

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I understand your frusteration. My patients see a  great result doing a VI peel treatment, this will help improve the scars and kill down the bacteria to any active acne you may still have. There is about 1 week down time of peeling/shedding of the skin but you will see a significant difference.

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