Best Treatment for Dark Circles and Hollowness Under Eyes?

I'm considering different treatments to correct the problem(s). I have on my lower eyelids (hollowness and dark circles due to thin skin). What are my best options? Why? What would be the approximate cost? Thanks.

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IPL and Arcus release

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There are 2 issues creating your dark circles under the eyes.

The first is the dark bluish skin color which is caused by multiple small blood vessels in the skin and the fact that the eyelid skin is so thin that you can actually see the dark purple color of the muscle beneath the skin.

4-5 sessions of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments can close the blood vessels and lighten the color of the skin. You need to see an expert who uses protective shields to cover the eye during IPL treatment.

The second issue is the depression beneath the lower eyelid which is causing a shadow. This is worsened by the slight puffiness of the lower eyelid.

The best treatment bin my opinion is a transconjunctival arcus marginalis release and fat grafting. Please read reference below for details.

My advice is to avoid injecting fillers which many doctors do use for dark circles. Fillers are risky in the eyelid region in my opinion

See before and after pictures of fat grafting.

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