Thick Burn Scar from 100% TCA

Hi, I burned myself with 100% tca from the internet. It was frosted for a week and left gaping holes. I could see fat bubbles underneath. They filled in over a period of a week and im left with thick shiny/flat scar tissue. Since it healed, i've been keeping it covered with silicone sheets and have noticed some tiny white hairs growing all throughout the tissue. I realise i'll be left with scarring. Is there anything else I can do? I've added a picture and hope it helps.

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Burn scars from TCA chemical peel

TCA 100% is highly caustic and is rarely used even by physicians.  I would begin early treatment with pulsed dye laser in my office.

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TCA chemical peel strength

I am curious how that company is able to sell that concentrated a solution directly to consumers. I personally do not remember ever applying more than 35 or 50% strength to a patient and as far as I know even these less concentrated solutions cannot be sold direct to consumers. It will take some time to see what the final scar will be. In the meantime the company that sold you the TCA needs to be reported to the FDA.

Aaron Stone, MD
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