Is There a Procedure for Shaving Bone off the Back of the Head? (photo)

I have a hooked shaped bony area at the back of my skull that my skin folds over. Is there a procedure that can shave it down so that it is smooth and has a normal contour.

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Fold in the Back of the Scalp

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I'll try to answer with the information available.  Are you sure it's bone and not just a fold in the scalp?  Did you have any injuries or operation in this area that caused the scalp to stick to the bone?  If it is just a fold in the scalp that is stuck to the bone, then the fold can be detached from the bone.  If it is bone, this needs to be confirmed with an X-ray to determine the thickness of the bone.  If it is bone and it is thick enough, the area can be shaved. 

I hope this answers your question.

Hartford Plastic Surgeon

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