What Would Be the Best Solution for my Left Nasolabial Fold That Formed Due to a Long Term Returning? (photo)

My left Nasolabial fold deformed due to a returning big pimple.My left side look older wrinkle like than my right side,and the area looks more elevated"bumpy"compared to the right. In general i have no wrinkles at all on my face and i am quite skinny individual age 32.I've seen a Dermatologist and he suggested me to go for a laser treatment. So here's my question:what is the best treatment for case like mine which is not caused by 'aging'-laser, liposuction,lifting,filling?Thank you in advance!

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Nasolabial fold at age 32

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The picture you provide is dark and despite this, there is apparent volume loss over your cheeks and cheek bones seem hollow because you are skinny or lost volume (fat) in this area. This can be rejuvenated with facial filler like Radiesse or Juvederm or autologous fat transfer, which can also be placed selectively in the left nasolabial area/groove.

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