What is the Best Laser Treatment for Under Eye Wrinkles?

I am 29 years old and have spent the past 2 years trying to freeze the fine lines all along my under eye. I used to use botox but noticed that while my crows feet were frozen all of my eye movements concentrated on the delicate skin under my eyes near my nose. I just finished a 5 series Venus Freeze RF treatment which I got great results from around my nasal labial fold (so Yayy no more filler) but I'm not seeing the same results around my eyes. Are there any great lasers (wands) for under eyes?

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Laser resurfacing for under eye wrinkles

the best treatment for under eye wrinkles is laser resurfacing. my favorite is the sciton trl- tunable resurfacing laser for this (tunable erbium). fractional or full field carbon dioxide resurfacing can give excellent results as well. i like the 1.5mm ulthera but this may give some tightening but will not correct fine lines.

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Ulthera Is A Strong Alternative To Laser For Treatment of Wrinkles Of The Lower Eyelid

The "best treatment for under eye wrinkles" that I would recommend is actually not a laser treatment at all. It is actually Ulthera, which is an ultrasonic energy treatment of the deeper layers of the skin and the soft tissues just beneath it.


Treatment of very thin skin, like that of the lower eyelid, with Ulthera was actually not practical until recently, with the introduction of the new, smaller 1.5mm transducer. However, now that we have this tool, we can give patients seeking treatment of wrinkles of the lower eyelids the same benefits that our full-face Ulthera patients have enjoyed.


To my mind, the advantages of treatment of lower eyelid rhytids with ulthera versus laser are the speed of the procedure, the decreased pain of the procedure, the shorter recovery time, and the complete avoidance of complications such burns of the skin or changes in skin pigmentation. Our patients have been at least as pleased with the results we have achieved with Ulthera treatment of the lower eyelids as they have with that of laser. So before jumping straight to the laser for treatment of the lower eyelid skin, I would encourage you to look into Ulthera.

Peter Lee, MD, FACS
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