How Do You Know the Difference of Tummy Fat or Tummy from Having Kids?

I need to know the difference of belly fat or baby fat can I get ride of it with exercise or do I need surgery? I have 4 kids 2 of them c section and I work out and diet and can't get rid of my ugly tummy?

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Abdominal issues

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Of course without seeing you it is difficult to say. However, many women that have ahd a few children will often complain about the loose skin and poor definitioin of the abdomen. In most of these cases, a full tummy tuck is necessary.

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Abdominoplasty vs. liposcution vs. exercise and diet

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According to present day plastic surgery lore there are 5 types of abdomens
1 - requires no surgical treatment
2 - is best treated with liposuction only
3 - is best treated with a combination of liposuction & a mini abdominoplasty/tummy tuck
4 - is best treated with a combination of liposuction & a modified abdominoplasty/tummy tuck
5 - is best treated with a combination of liposuction & a standard abdominoplasty.
In relatively few cases there is little or no liposuction needed in a specific patient who lies in one of these categories.
Which category you are in depends on the relative amounts of excess skin/fat vs. abdominal muscle laxity you have above vs. below the navel. Without photos or a face to face examination there is no way to know where you lie in this spectrum. There are some good plastic surgeons who believe 4 should not exist. Also, there are probably naturalists, trainers, etc. out there who believe none of these should exist except 1. My experience & training lead me to believe that all 5 are valid & that diet & exercise can be combined with any of the 5.

As you would guess the fat component is most amenable to exercise and diet. Your reference to belly fat vs. baby fat is not really what is going on as there is no way of distinguishing the fat you gained just from being pregnant vs. other fat. Excess skin though may shrink slightly when the fat it contains is decreased but if the excess is too great it just cannot shrink that much and surgery is then almost always the answer. Lax or loose muscle may tighten with exercise but after 4 children it is most likely that the connecting fascia in the midline between the muscles has stretched. That will not unstretch no matter how much you exercise.

Stand up straight and pinch the excess skin on the sides above the hips. If the belly button is then covered by excess skin from above the degree of excess skin is sufficient to warrant surgery.

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