Tail of Spence Removal

During pregnancy with my 1st child, I had Tail of Spence swelling. After delivery, it was downright painful - the worst part of pregnancy/delivery. With my 2nd child, the same was true. I am now 16 weeks pregnant with my 3rd, and already experiencing severe pain in my armpit where the swelling has stayed since my 1st pregnancy. I can't touch it or put any sort of pressure on it without pain. Is this something that can be fixed with surgery? If it is for reasons of pain, will insurance cover it?

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Tail of spence removal

Breast swelling is common during pregnancy and for some reason I guess the part that bothers you most is close to your axilla. This can not be treated during pregnancy, and if you plan on having more children, perhaps an evaluation after pregnancy would be helpful.

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Breast pain with pregnancy

The problem is no one will operate on you while you are pregnant and it sounds like the problem resolves when you are not pregnant (the time when you could undergo surgery). You could do the surgery between pregnancies if you plan on having more children but then I am not sure anyone would be willing to operate in the absence of symptoms. You are in a catch-22.

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