Need Suggestions for Few Stubborn Pimples

Looking for OTC acne spot treatments to help with those few stubborn pimples. Not sure if i use to much product but it seems to dry out my skin too much and affect the surronding skin as well. Would appreciate any product brands you can suggest that work well. Thanks!

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Intralesional kenalog injections for stubborn pimples

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OTC products do help many patients but resistant acne "pimples" may be the deeper acne cysts that should be evaluated by a board certified dermatologist as they can lead to scarring if not treated.  Intralesional kenalog involves using a very small needle to inject a low dose steroid into the acne cyst.  The steroid works to remove the inflammation of the acne cyst and patients may see results the same day or shortly after.  In my practice, I reserve several openings each day for "emergency acne visits" so patients can get immediate relief from troublesome acne cysts.

Houston Dermatologist

Spot treatments for acne seldom are effective

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Spot treatments for acne seldom are effective. Most topical treatments work best when they are applied to the whole face. That said, antibiotic solutions and salacylic acid solutions can be applied to individual pimples.

Edward Lack, MD
Chicago Dermatologist

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