Small Pimple Under the Skin That Dont Hurt, but Wont Go Away?

I've been having this small ''pimple'' right under the skin for 3-4 months now. It looks like a dried out white-head, with a small head, almost invisible I plan to go to a derm, but ther's some cue. Is it is okay to heat my skin in sauna / steam etc for a few days to try make it surface, and then pop it, or could this make it worse, whatever it is. I havent had a cyst before, but lot of whiteheads for 8 years, im 20 Seems strange to get a cyst now, when im finally taking accutane.

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Small White Pimple - a Milia

What you are describing sounds like a milia. Milia are tiny, white, pea-shaped cysts. They have no opening on the surface and can't be expressed like a blackhead. Don't try to extract it yourself. The next time you visit your dermatologist for your Accutane check up, he or she can open the skin and extract it for you in a simple, painless procedure.

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