I Just Had Silicone Injected in Acne Scars and Not Sure If This Is A Normal Side Effect?

The acne scars were just injected 2 days ago and i feel bumps/ little sore and red in injection site is this normal?

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Silicone filler and acne treatment


    Bumpiness and redness can occur following any type of injectable filler.  They typically resolve with massage and a tincture of time.  Bumpiness and redness are also indicative of infection or complications.  The only way to know for sure is to contact your provider and request an evaluation.  Please do not hesitate to contact your physician or their advice nurse.        

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Acne scarring and silicone injections

After injections a period of redness is inevitable. If this persists I would be worried about a low grade infection and would treat this with antibiotics. I personally do not do silicone injections. I have seen too many concerning results that I stay away from it. I would treat your acne with a multilayered approach. Co2 laser resurfacing is a big part of that.

Philip Young, MD
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Silicone and Acne Scar Treatment

We do a tremendous amount of acne scar work in our office, a lot of which is done with liquid injectable silicone (LIS). To better address your concern, pictures would be helpful.  That being said, redness, bumpiness and soreness is possible after any type of filler treatment and typically resolves within a week or less. I do not recommend massage or any type of manipulation of the treated areas. If after a week, the areas have not improved, I suggest you contact your physician for a follow up evaluation.  

Channing R. Barnett, MD
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Photos would be helpful

It would be helpful to see photos. Silicone injections are illegal in many states because of poor results and dangerous side effects. It's not legal to do silicone injections in Nevada and I've fixed a lot of bad silicone jobs over the years from bumps and lumps to spreading of the injection material. Poorly injected silicone can be a mess to fix and can be very dangerous also. Please consider seeing someone if you feel you might be having any kind of side effect. I'm unsure where you are located, and I'm not trying to panic you, but silicone injections can be dangerous if not done by VERY experienced injectors and in very specific spots.

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