Hypertrophic Scar - Silicone Sheets or Laser Treatment?

I had abdominal surgery 2 years ago to remove cysts & left with 8cm scar. Tried all different oilment,scar cream 6 months after surgery.Tried the silicone sheet for a month about 1.5 years.All to no avail. Went to a skin doctor.Was told its hypertrophic scar & suggest steriod injection and laser. But he said 40% that the scar will come back after the treatment. I'm hesitated.Research online again and thinking of using silicone sheet. Which way is better to treat a 2 years old hypertrophic scar?

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Surgical scarring

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Older mature scars are harder to treat than young fresh scars. In most of these cases the scar has to be removed and then modalities employed to the new malleable scar to prevent bad scar formation. The prevention of bad scar formation is usually easier than the improvement of a bad scar that has been present for years.

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