Scar Treatment On Forehead From Glass Scratch? (photo)

Hi sir i am rabi from uk.sir i have got scar on my face.It happened when i got stuck with the gate while parking my motorbike.I was wearing helmet at that time bt it wasn't, when i stuck on the gate,i got cut on my forehead with that helmet glass.After that i see the doctor he suggest me to stich the wound but i didn't do it .Now my wound is good but there is little bit bumps jst above my cuts and scars as well.I used mederma to remove it but the bumps haven't gone away. so help me sir.

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Forehead scar revision

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The forehead scar would do best with surgical excision and scar revision.  The scar is cut out in the procedure and a new suture line is created to minimize scarring.

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Forehead scar how to treat

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Your forehead scar appears raised. It could most benefit from a geometric line excision and closure. This would then be folllowed by a resurfacing technique to further improve it.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

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