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last week I had scar revison on my cheeck from a chicken pox scar. The new incision is 6MM long and slanted to go with the natural lines in my face. I now have a line that is indented along the incision, almost puckered in like? my Dr. says it looks great and to give it time, as its swollen. Will the line fill with collagen to meet the surrounding skin? im so scared i made it worse and will be stuck with an indented incision line. how do things like this tend to heal and in how long? Thanks

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Scars take 1 year before the final result

Your scar is going to go through a lot of change over the next year.  It will definitely go through a red phase, a lumpy bumpy phase and then finally settle out to what it will look like permanently.  If it still looks like an indentation, do not panic.  You may notice that it starts filling in slowly over time. If it does not change, you may want to consider adding a filler underneath the skin or a technique called subcision to break up any scar underneath the line that is tethering it down. 

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Scar revision surgery

I am not sure what you expected or what you were prepared for prior to surgery. However, there are no ways to make a scar invisible. Generally speaking you should be left with a thin line. However, it is far too early to judge the final result.

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