Satisfied About Bio Alcamid, Now What?

Dear Sir/Madam, About 8 years ago, I had Bio Alcamid injections in the cheek-area. I have to say that I never had any complaints at all. I am very satisfied. The last few years however I have heard a lot of horrorstories (especially about removing it and the inflammation it causes). Since I do not experience any problems, I do now wish to remove it. My question is: how do I keep the risk of inflammation at a minimum? Especially when I visit the dentist or beautysalon etc. Thank you so much.

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Long term Bio-Alcamid

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Do not worry if you have yet to have an infection. Most BA infection occur at 3-5 years. If you are going to the dentist, I hour before take 1000 mg of Keflex and that should help minimize the chance of injection. Be care only if you are have other fillers injected into your face. Attending Beauty salons should have effect on BA 

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