What Can I Do About my Surgical Scars?

Hello, just recently went for a scar revision with excision. It looks worst than before. Its basically red, indented, and, lumpy. What can I do about this? Its been 2 months. And please don't mention lasers, I had laser recently also which left my face with hypopigmentation, and prolonged redness that is still there.

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Options to treat surgical scars

Scars normally take from six to twelve months to heal, so it would not be unusual to still have some redness and lumpiness of a scar two months after the procedure.  Normally, with more time, the redness will fade more and the area should get smoother.  It is important to keep the scar out of the sun so that the redness is not prolonged.  If the redness is still present after six to twelve months, there is a particular laser that does help to reduce the redness. There really are no other treatments that would help with the redness other than more time.

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