Does Running Cause Skin Sagging/wrinkles?

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A very complex situation...

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overall the benefits of exercise far outweigh the risks...but each activity has it's own set of problems...for instance the obvious issues with running are sun exposure and accelerated loss of subcutaneous facial fat...this results in a characteristic runners gaunt look...and of course there's the overproduction of free radicals with increased oxygen there certainly can be some change in appearance of the face with running...but the rewards make this form of exercise very good for your general health...and then you can get some botox or filler as needed...

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Does running (exercise) cause sags & wrinkles?

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One of the contributors of the aging and wear & tear process is physical activity. We do live in a physical world. Gravity, sun irradiation, food choices, sleep issues, smoke exposure, and other stresses can take their toll. Some types of exercises are more strenuous and possibly traumatic than others. So while exercise (running included) is generally considered to be "good" (benefits), it is wise to limit those things that produce unnecessary physical stress on the body. This would include properly supporting body parts that would be pushed & pulled, thereby unnecessarily stretching tissues over & over.  Repeated facial grimacing, for example, would naturally produce more 'wear & tear' & wrinkles over time. There are pros & cons of everything. Moderation & common sense apply here!  

Donn R. Chatham, MD
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