Acne scar treatments, Accutane, radio frequency treatment (Photo)

Hi I have had acne as long as i can remember. Is there any hope to treat my scars? I think i have several types and i even have raised scars on my nose.. It really affects my confidence and everyday life. What scar treatment would suit me best?. And am i a candidate for accutane since i always have cystic acne or even radio frequency since i heard this is a new treatment which can be done while on accutane.

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Acne and Scars

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Your acne can be treated with Accutane and I suggest that you consult a board certified dermatologist.  The scars can later be treated with eMatrix.  Best, Dr. Green

Treat acne first

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It is best to resolve acne before addressing scars. Some of these scars Amy still be active acne lesions and will improve within 6vmpnths of completing accutane. As to treatment plan raised scars can be treated with carbon dioxide, erbium or pulse dye laser. Indented scars can be treated with carbon dioxide or erbium laser although 100 per cent improvement is not achievable.

Morris Westfried, MD
Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon
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Treat your acne and start working on your scars simultaneously

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You must definitely address your ongoing acne, otherwise scar treatments will be wasted, you may experience flares of acne during scar treatments, and new scars may eventuate.  In the past, we treated and cured acne completely first with Accutane, waited a period of time (often six months) then proceeded to work on the scarring.  With newer technologies we have been involved in trials with radio frequency and some laser options, on low fluences, while patients are still on Accutane.  Safety profile and results have certainly been exciting.  Keep in mind, we also offer teledermatology services for patients outside of Brisbane, so if you are interested, pls touch base with the Brisbane Skin team.  Best wishes, Shobhan.

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