What would be the most effective scar treatment? (photo)

I've tried every at home treatment from derma rollers to TCA peels and I've had minimum results.

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Fraxel might be a good option for your acne scars.

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Fraxel  is a great laser. You will need fraxel 1550 which is for resurfacing of the skin. Over the next several month the skin gets better and better as the collagen rebuilts.

Acne Scars treatment

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I typically use the CROSS method for the treatment of ice-pick scars, where a strong acid (100% TCA in this case) is applied carefully to the bottom of the scar. This causes a microinjury and stimulated a healing process, where new collagen becomes stimulated and the scar becomes less deep. The treatment is typically repeated monthly and can take 4 to 6 times. I sometime alternate this treatment with fractional resurfacing to achieve the most optimal results. The risk of this treatment is post-procedure hyper or hypopigmentation. Rarely, a slight discoloration can permanently remain, but the icepick scar disappears

Tatiana Khrom, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

CO2 Laser Facials Treat Acne Scarring

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Your best bet, considering time and money spent, would be to invest in CO2 laser facials. One facial would be enough to rid your dermis of scarring and discoloration, depending on how deep your plastic surgeon decides to go with the laser. You can request a higher level of laser if you would like the results to be substantial, but the time it takes for your face to recuperate can take longer that the usual week of pink skin. This facial will also improve collagen regeneration, to help your skin grow healthier.

It is recommend you ask the surgeon what levels they are comfortable using on patients, how long they have been practicing the CO2 facials, and what machine they use. Sciton is the best option, which is what Yeung Institute uses. It is also recommended that you see a plastic surgeon who knows dermatology and musculature enough to not burn your face and cause more scarring.

Cecil Yeung, MD, FACS
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon

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