What treatment would you recommend for severe acne scars and dark spots? (photos)

I have little acne and large mouthless ones on my chin and over my face and am 26. I have battled this acne for very long. Acne leaves dark spots. Some get "ripe" and I burst them to pop out yellow substance. Some large ones on my chin may not ripen but swell up and are itchy. I also have dark spots on my under thigh area and cannot wear shots. I have to keep using makeup and wearing long dresses. 

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You may be suffering from a combination of acne and something called folliculitis. Folliculitis is a localized infection of the hair follicles that can often occur on the face when there is pronounced hair and on the thighs as well. I would schedule an appt with a dermatologist so that different treatment options can be discussed with you. Getting the acne/folliculitis under control first is crucial, then chemical peels/laser can be used to correct pigmentation.

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Acne treatment

I am sorry you have been suffering for so long with acne. Please find a good board certified dermatologist to help you. There are so many treatments that can help including pills and chemical peels. You should be able to get this under control with help. 

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