Red Acne Scar Treatment?

Hello! I have numerous, very old acne ice pick scars. However, it is not really the scars that bother me, rather it is the red/brown discoloration at the bottom of these scars. They have been discolored for many years. Why are they still red? What is the best treatment to get rid of this redness so that my face is more uniform in complexion? Would vbeam be effective? What is the difference between vbeam and vbeam perfecta? I am a 30 yo asian male. Thank you doctors for addressing my question.

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Red Acne Scar Treatment

Thank you for your question. Currently, the Vbeam Perfecta is the latest generation not the Vbeam laser, and the best one in my opinion.  I would first have an evaluation by a Board Certified Dermatologist or Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with a  V Beam Perfecta, and have them determine whether you are a candidate or not, and if there are other good options for you. Make sure they have experience and expertise in treating acne, scarring, and various skin types. I hope this helps.

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In each practice the treatments vary. In our practice for acne scars we do Profractional laser, Micro laser peel, DOT co2 laser or even a mini face lift to pull the skin and help remove get rid of the deep holes caused by acne.



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Red Acne Scars and what is the best treatment

Vascular lasers can help with this. But there may be underlying issues that can be resolved with co2 laser resurfacing that could get rid of damaged cells that are promoting the redness and other elements. Ultimately a multilayered approach is the best option for acne scar treatment with co2 laser resurfacing as part of the combination approach.

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Red Acne Scar Treatment

Hi IIarry.  You are on the right track with the V-Beam for red acne scars.  We use the V-star but both are pulsed dye lasers and use the same type of light (585 nm).  There would be no appreciable different between 2 different versions of the V-Beam for the purposes of your treatment plan.

This type of laser is well suited for red acne scars, Rosacea and red birthmarks because it is highly absorbed by hemoglobin, which is part of the blood.  The laser helps to close small blood vessels near the surface of the skin that cause the redness.

To see photos of patients that have been treated for acne scars at our office (including red acne scars) you can click below.  We are in Los Angeles and Orange County and offer free consultations.

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