Can Anyone Recommend an Experienced Laser Doctor in Central Florida?

My research tells me an ablative laser and Erbium Yag would be the most effective for trauma scars on my face. The scarring is deep and entrapped muscles, impairing my speech. It is a misery. I also have stretched out skin under my lip from a surgery where an excess of facia was used and I sure didn't agree to THAT. I had it removed, because it was a horror, but my skin was stretched and has not gone back. It's been 2 1/2 years. I had 7 fraxel non-ablative. Just the surface improved.

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Ablative and non ablative lasers for scar revision on the face

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I perform ablative and non ablative lasers for scar revision and scar improvement.  Every scar needs a specific and tailored plan with laser skin resurfacing.

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