How Do I Prevent a Scar from Forming on my Upper Lip from a Piercing I Took Out,

I had a munroe piercing done a week ago.. and I've had too many problems with it so I decided to take it out. How do I prevent a scar from forming on my face?

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Scarring from piercing.

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If the piercing was performed 1 week ago, the hole should naturally close by gradually healing over the next 3-4 weeks. Most people do not see evidence of the initial piercing unless there were complications such as an infection that could interfere with the healing process.

Washington DC Dermatologic Surgeon

Scar prevention after piercing

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you can try and use a silicone gel dressing product sold in surgical supply stores, pharmacies and on the internet. It is a pad that is worn for there months. Whether or not you will scar in that area depends to some degreee on your genentics.

Vicki J. Levine, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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