What Can I Do About These Acne Scars? Tried Fillers and Lasers With No Results? (photo)

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Acne Scar Treatment

Dark (or pigmented) acne scars and dark spots (lentigos) can be reduced with the use of topical bleaching creams such as hydroquinone and kojic acid (available over-the-counter and through prescription). These creams typically need to be applied daily for a number of months before significant fading of the spots is observed. In-office dermatology treatments that have proven useful for acne scars and dark spots have included chemical peels (which fade dark spots and even out skin tone) and laser skin resurfacing (which promotes new collagen formation and repairs the scars from the deep dermal layers).

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Acne scars with no improvement with fillers and lasers

You have some deep pitted ice pick scars and some depressed scars as well.  You can get improvement but it will be some work and time to get there. You will need some deep chemical peeling and possibly excisions. Then you will need to further improve the situation with a multilayered approach with co2 laser resurfacing to get the last bit of improvement.

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Acne Scar Treatment

You have been given advice which many would not agree (the advice of the mini-face lift). If you really want to see what can be done to scars like yours, please look at the link below which shows before and after photos of patients whose scars were injected with liquid silicone and also possibly treated with electrosurgery if necessary. 

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From your pictures and your history we believe that a possible mini face lift can help improve your acne scars. By stretching your skin makes the acne scars stretch and go away. If laser treatments haven’t given you the results you have been looking for you might want to consider doing something a little more invasive.


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