Plastic Surgery for Potential Abnormality Present in my Leg Bones?

I have noticed over the past year that my legs are not straight. The main break in their line appears at the knee joint. I should mention that my elbows are double jointed but they don't look as odd as my knees. I find myself unable to wear anything above the knee because of what I consider to be a possible deformity. Is there anyone who could identify the problem? Are there any surgical and non-surgical solutions for this?

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Leg deformity

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I agree with the other doctors.

I does appear that there is a length difference in the legs. Surgical options will leave scars, if you can find someone who can do it. There are orthotic devices to help even out the lengths.

Good luck.

Crooked Leg and plastic surgery

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I agree with Dr. Rand. In China, they have performed somewhat elective procedures to lengthen legs but this is not really an option that is offered to patients in the USA. I would meet with an orthopedic surgeon first.

Different leg lengths

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I can't tell from your photo because it looks like your right knee is bent, but you could see an orthopaedic surgeon to measure your legs and see if there are discrepancies.  I can't think of any plastic surgical solutions if they are, however. 

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