Should I Get a Photofacial for Brown Patches on Cheeks?

I am considering getting an IPL photofacial because I have big brown patches on my cheeks that I believe were caused by using Proactiv and not wearing sunscreen 4-6 years ago (the spots haven't changed since). However, the spots look like melasma because they are almost symmetrical. I never used birth control and have never been pregnant so I don't think they're hormonal. I have heard that photofacials can make melasma worse, but if mine was caused by the sun would it be safe to get it done?

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It is very difficult to answer your question without seeing you in person and examining you.  I recommend that you see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or a Board Certified Dermatologist.

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See a Board Certified Dermatologist or Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and try the chemical route first, and laser therapy last.

Vivek Bansal, MD
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