I'd been using benzoyl peroxide treatment to clear my face and fight my breakouts. But I think it's not working anymore?

I need an advice on what should I do with myself. I was about to buy something and I thought that I should ask a medical expert first.

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I suggest you see a dermatologist we would do a series of lasers or peels on you with different skin care to get a better outcome.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Benzoyl Peroxide which was previously working is not working anymore

Benzoyl peroxide can kill bacteria. This is the prime way that it helps acne. One thing that you should know is that benzoyl peroxide can lead to mutations and can possibly lead to cancer. This has been mentioned in the literature and is the reason why I don't like using this to treat Acne. There are topical treatments and oral medications that can be used to treat active acne very effectively. For active acne, clinda gel, oral antibiotics along with chemical peels can help. Prevention can be done with Retin A or other vitamin A analogues and other medications. There are people that can help so seek some medical expert advice.

Philip Young, MD
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