Can Pelleve heated to 47 Degrees cause fat loss?

If a doctor were to heat the Pelleve machine to 47-50 degrees, would that possibly cause permanent fat loss?

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Yes, There is no control over the exact depth that is heated with Pelleve and most RF devices except Infini

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The RF industry tries to tell you through animations and pseudo science that they can heat the dermis to a point that it will create new collagen.  To do this, and not either injure the epidermis or the deeper fat is very difficult.  Also, collagen production and contraction occurs best when there is coagulation, which none of the non penetrating RF devices can do.  The Infini can treat at a specified depth to the point of coagulation.  Very simply, the Infini has made most RF devices obsolete.  Please read my blog and see video, Steve Weiner, MD, Facial Plastic Surgeon.

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It would be very difficult to heat someone up to above 45 degrees without them pulling away.  That would be quite painful!  That is why I do not numb before administering Pelleve

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