Options for Deep Wrinkles on Stomach After Pregnancy?

I am a 22 year gogo dancer in Las Vegas. I used to perform in nightclubs and casinos all over and now I cant book a job. After my pregnancy with twins (c-section) my stomach is flat again but the saggy skin left behind has clients turning me down left and right. Please dont tell me my career is over already..HELP PLEASE?!

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A tummy tuck may be the best idea for your abdomen

While you may not want surgery, it may be your best option.  There seems to be a fair amount of wrinkled skin.  If you want a non-surgical solution you can try Thermage but will your business being dependent on quick results you may better off getting a tummy tuck.

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Twins Tummy Calls for Surgical Fix

hi dancingmamaof2:  twins can really wreak havoc on your figure!  i know how competitive the las vegas performance market is and the limited results from nonsurgical procedures will not get you where you need to be.  the main drawback of your problem is that not only do you have stretch marks that are indented, but the skin bunches and that cannot be hidden with body make up.  it looks to me as if you also have a small belly button hernia and although your tummy is quite flat, it may not have fully returned to your pre-pregnancy state due to (permanent) overstretching that is not correctable with exercise.  you should consult with a your plastic surgeon and consider hernia repair for more of an "innie"  belly button, muscle repair to tighten the muscles back to their functional state (so working out is more effective) as well as shape your waist a bit, and of course removal of the skin excess (unrolling the gathers by pulling it all downward).  as has been suggested, fraxel could help the stretch marks in the future as well, but stretch marks on tight skin always look less noticeable (pull on your skin to stretch it tight and you will see what i mean). while surgery is an investment of time and money, my dancing and performing patients have found that the improvements from cosmetic surgery can give their careers a real boost! wishing you every future success!  dr h

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Stomach stretching after pregnancy

I would speak with a plastic surgeon about surgically removing the extra skin.

I think that this would be the most effective way to improve this area.
Following the surgery, Fraxel may be used to reduce some of the stretchmarks and scarring

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