20 year old female with shallow, hyperpigmented acne scars.

About a year ago, I suddenly developed a small cluster of cystic acne on both sides of my cheeks. I used Tactupump for about 7 months and discontinued it just over a month ago. I was also taking doxycycline for about 5-6 months and successfully discontinued it as well. I have old refills for both Retin-A Micro and Differin. Does one work better than the other for treating scars? Are there any other medications recommended for treating acne scars?

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20 year old female with shallow, hyperpigmented acne scars

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Thanks for your query. Unfortunately topical medications have very limited role in acne scars. Fractional co2 laser or sublative RF works very good with acne scars. Generally 2-3 sessions are good enough to give you flawless skin. Hope it helps.

All The Best

India Plastic Surgeon
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Acne Scarring -- Requires a Combination of Fractional Laser Resurfacing, Fillers Like Bellafill, Subcision and Eclipse Micropen

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Please post photos for further evaluation. Acne scarring can be treated with a combination approach of lasers (Fractional Laser Resurfacing), peels, skin care and microneedling and fillers. Topical products work best in combination with other treatment. I suggest consulting with an experienced cosmetic dermatologist. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
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Acne scar

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Dear Sarah  
We need photos to answer your question........................................


Richard Sadove, MD
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Acne scars

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Hi Sarah,

The first step is to treat any active acne you already have. For this often you will need a long course of antibiotics and a topical
retinoid preparation such as differin or tazorac.
if this doesn't work and if you have scarring acne you may want to try a course or oral retinoid after visiting your dermatologist who can assess you for this. 

Acne scars per se require treatment with lasers, microneedling or even chemical peels. 
This is after the active acne has been controlled.

hope this helps,

Sweta Rai, MBBS (hons), MRCP
London Dermatologic Surgeon

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