My belly looks exactly like a "B" from the side. Is this normal ? How do I get rid of it? (photos)

it cuts right through my belly button and I have two halves the top and bottom and I can't wear tight tops because it then looks weird and crop tops are a no no cause my belly didn't look normal. I prefer having a diet and excersize programme to make this go away but if as a doctor you don't think that would work then how else do I get rid of it? Is there also a surgery for it?

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Volume on your upper and lower abdomen

That volume above and below the abdomen means the combination of fat under the skin and also saggy skin. 
When you hold in your body these two features,  it is common to experience rolls of that thick saggy skin while you are sitting or bending over. 
I consider you  are candidate for a Tummy tuck in order to get rid of the saggy skin and also would do some muscle repair and achieve a nice flat abdomen and mainly a smaller waist. 
Be encouraged. You will be loving your results. 
Dr. Cardenas

Mexico Plastic Surgeon
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Cool Sculpting

I am always an advocate for diet and exercise. I think that some amount of weight loss could improve the appearance of your abdomen. The reality is though that everyone carries some amount of weight in certain places that are very difficult to lose, even with committed exercise and weight loss.

The older answer to your problem was liposuction. The obvious downside of that option is it is surgery with a significant recovery. There is new technology that freezes your fat and provides outcomes comprable to liposuction, but without downtime. This is called Cool Sculpting. The Cool Sculpting devices pull an area of skin over the area of unwanted fat into a handheld device with 2 cooling panels. The treatment takes an hour. Most areas will require 2 treatments. During the time you are having the procedure done you can work on a laptop or watch TV. Following the procedure there is little or no downtime, or recovery period.

Ned Snyder, IV, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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