My Acne Scars - Best Treatment? (Photo)

Dear Doctor(s), I am 22 years old and suffer with old acne scars (3-4 years old). I want the best treatment and your advice after having a look at mine. What treatment do you suggest me to get? Will the results be much better and how many treatments do you think could make it? There are three main areas which I want to get done. I am most concerned about my right site - the scars next to my nose especially and the area on my cheek - how do you imagine them to be? Thanks for your help!

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Acne scar improvement

Acne scars are impossible to completely erase but they can be helped tremendously. Dermabrasion has been the treatment of choice in the past but the newer lasers seem to be far more effective. In my practice I use Total FX laser which has both a deep component for collagen induction and skin tightening as well as a superficial component which is more for smoothing or polishing the surface of the skin. In my experience it generally takes both of these to get the best result. Each treatment will give some improvement but it will take at least two or more treatments for the deepset scars. Good luck!

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