Scar mark on the nose is almost 25 years old, due to an injury and had stitches at that time (Photo)

Now it shows a clear curve mark on the face. Which looks horrible sometime. Need your advise to reduce the mark on the face. Please helpme with the proper treatment to get rid out of it.

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Reducing pigmentation scars

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I would use Plato's Scar Serum and Melarase PM to help reduce pigmentation on the nose. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

Los Angeles

Depressed Scars Need Elevation; & Surface Irregularities Need Blending

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Unfortunately, with our current technologies, there is no way of completing eliminating a "mature" scar (i.e. one greater than three months old). 

That having been said, the title to my answer gives you two basic principles of scar treatment. If it's depressed, as yours is, elevate it. And, if it has surface texture and color problems, attempt to blend it. Subcision lifting is a quick, time-tested, inexpensive, and efficient way of lifting the depressed portion. The supplemental use of a biostimulatory filler, to further enhance new, native collagen and elastic fiber synthesis might be an additional maneuver. And finally, if still deemed necessary, microneedle resurfacing (aka medical microneedling, skin needling, fractional microneedle resurfacing) can be performed to better help the surfaces of the treated areas blend with the surrounding normal skin. Topical therapies, especially at this very, very late juncture, would be a needless waste of time and money in my opinion. 

Make sure to consult with a board certified, aesthetic core physician with extensive scar treatment experience. Be wary of those hawking lasers, fraxels, radiofrequency devices, etc., as these tend to be expensive and often yield subtle, variable and inconsistent (i.e. overall disappointing) results. Good luck to you.

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