Appropriate Order of Several Plastic Surgery Procedures?

Does it make sense to have a central lower lift and breast implants done; then 3 months later, aggressive Liposuction in thighs and knees; and then a year later, an inner thigh lift? Does this seem like proper order/combo?

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Sounds realistic

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The staggering of these operations seems prudent. It is possible to do a number of operations at one time but most surgeons like to limit what they can do in one sitting to about 6 hours. This is when the complication rates seem to climb as a function of operating time. This is a relative length, not absolute.

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Liposuction before or after the body lift

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There is no exact order and plastic surgeons vary in their preferences. Some even perform all together at one sitting. In my experience, I tend to prefer liposuction prior to or at the same time as lifting so that the lift procedure has greater opportunity to remove the loose skin created by the liposuction procedure

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